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 It’s simple. We deliver yachts from one port to another and specialize in deliveries in excess of 1,000 nautical miles.

 There are two of us. Peter and David and we have many years experience of delivering boats from the United Kingdom, the North Sea, and the Mediterranean through to the other side of the Atlantic and back.

 We have sailed together as a team for over six years. We find it hard to understand how a crew can gather in a foreign port with the intention of sailing over the horizon without anyone on board having worked together before. With our arrangement both the Skipper and the First Mate are very well acquainted with each other which can only be good for all concerned.

 Peter, the Skipper, holds the RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore qualification. He has completed over 40,000 NM at sea over the last 40 years in boats of all shapes and sizes.

 David is an engineer with vast experience under sail. He worked as an engineer/watchman on commercial fishing boats for three years in the Shetlands, the North Sea and Biscay and more recently has been delivering boats around Australia, across the Atlantic and around the various Atlantic coasts of Europe.

 Recently Peter and David have completed deliveries across the Atlantic, locally in British waters and around the Atlantic coast of Europe from Sweden to Gibraltar. They have now organised themselves into a new operation to continue their delivery activities. Together, they say:

 "We believe that the safety of the crew and the boat are our first priority so we will not deliver to a timetable. If you want your boat in a particular place at a particular time then, while we would use our best endeavours to achieve this, we will not guarantee a delivery date".

 "For this reason we do not charge day rates. Once we have the details of the proposed delivery from you, we will provide a quotation for a fixed rate fee for all crew with additional estimates of the travel costs and on board expenses. All will be explained prior to departure".

"We both enjoy long distance, international delivery sailing.

Therefore, if the delivery trip is one that looks attractive,

our fellow professional competitors will not beat us on fees".