*LATEST NEWS* 2/10/2020

After an amazing summer of sailing around the Mediterranean and western coast of northern Europe, it is, nevertheless, good to be back home. Peter, the Skipper and Dave, the first mate, have enjoyed the excellent hospitality of the Greek islands, Malta, the Balearics and mainland Spain as well as France and Southern England. Its been a pleasure and privilege to have worked with our clients this summer to deliver their yachts. The marinas and ports we have visited have offered the highest levels of service and assistance which has made our journeys so safe and enjoyable.

The COVID-19 restrictions have caused only slight concerns to us, however as we are a professional delivery team, we have been able to use the 'essential maritime worker' exemptions. As time passes this will be less and less necessary as the restrictions are lifted and we return to normal.

The summer consisted of three deliveries from A Coruna, on the coast of north western Spain which took us via the Gibraltar strait and up to Badalona, and then from there we flew to pick up another yacht on the island of Leros, close to the Turkish mainland and bring that one across the Mediterranean to Badalona, and a third yacht to go from St. Carles de la Rapita, again, up to Badalona for a haul out and clean before heading back down the Spanish coast to head for the south of England.

Total miles sailed fell just short of 5,000 nm.